Robertson Boulevard

Even canines are welcome in these
tony L.A. boutiques

It's a dog's world on Robertson Boulevard. The two blocks between Beverly Boulevard and West Third Street are abuzz with wealthy women, metrosexuals, and young hipsters browsing with miniature dogs tucked under their arms.

The pups are treated like royalty at Kiehl's, a New York-based skin-care shop that opened this year with a supply of dog treats and a "doggie waiting room." But the special treatment here isn't limited to four-legged creatures. "We get a diverse mix of shoppers on Robertson," says John Saint-Denis, a Kiehl's salesperson. "Beverly Hills matrons, film industry professionals, young families, and the gay crowd are all regular customers."

That's not surprising given the area's location at the crossroads of Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Robertson has been popular for years among those who can afford the clothing at Ghost and the sunglasses at C by Karina. Upscale chain stores such as Waterworks, selling bathroom accessories and fixtures, sit alongside funky independents like Kitson, a chic haven of bath products, clothing, and handbags of all sizes.

More affordable is American Apparel, which sells organic-cotton separates harkening back to the '70s. Its mix- and-match pieces are manufactured sweatshop-free right in Los Angeles.

To refuel, shoppers sip double lattes and nibble sandwiches on the outdoor patio of Cuvée. Farther north, the Newsroom Café serves up fruit-smothered French toast and the It's Alive Raw Salad while customers peruse entertainment magazines―many of them featuring celebrities with their dogs, natch.

A good place to start your L.A. shopping trip is along Robertson Blvd. between Beverly Blvd. and W. Third St.

American Apparel. 104 S. Robertson Blvd.; 310/274-6292.

C by Karina. Closed Sun. 116 S. Robertson; 310/777-0231.

Ghost. 125 N. Robertson; 310/246-0567.

Kiehl's. 100 N. Robertson; 310/860-0028.

Kitson. 115 S. Robertson; 310/859-2652.

Waterworks. 109 S. Robertson; 310/246-9766.

Cuvée. $; breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. 145 S. Robertson; 310/271-4333.

Newsroom Café. $$; breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. 120 N. Robertson; 310/652-4444.

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