New north Oakland

Get a taste of Telegraph Avenue

East Bay tastemakers are flocking to Oakland's Telegraph Avenue, spawning a unique, vibrant neighborhood that's lately become a haven for Alice Waters disciples and foodies in general. Home to some of Oakland's oldest businesses, the Temescal area feels both established and fresh, thanks to the ever-changing influences of its diverse population. Come for the global cuisine ― from Moroccan to Korean to eclectic contemporary ― and stick around to explore a few one-of-a-kind retail shops.

Temescal Cafe.
A friendly, funky neighborhood spot to sip a latte or a glass of wine while you watch the world go by. WHEN: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. HOW MUCH: $. Where: 4920 Telegraph Ave.; 510/595-4102.

Porch Light Antiques.
Vintage and new treasures, furniture, and kitchen accessories. WHEN: 11-6 Tue-Sat, 12-6 Sun. Where: 5026 Telegraph Ave.; 510/597-0588.

Article Pract.
This knitting store is so cool, you might be inspired to sign up for a class. WHEN: Open Tue-Sun. HOW MUCH: Classes from $25. Where: 5010 Telegraph Ave.; or 510/595-7875.

Boontling Gallery.
A community gallery dedicated to fledgling and established artists, many of them local. When: 12-5 Sat-Sun, Mon-Fri by appointment (call 707/980-1060). Where: 4224 Telegraph Ave.

Bakesale Betty.
The dream of a former Chez Panisse cook, this corner shop offers big homey sweets, plus some cafe-style lunch items. WHEN: 7-4 Mon-Sat, 7-2 Sun. Where: 5098 Telegraph Ave.; 510/985-1213.

Doña Tomás.
Upscale Mexican with California sensibilities. Check out the swanky bar area. WHEN: Dinner Tue-Sat. How Much: $$. Where: 5004 Telegraph Ave.; 510/450-0522.

Ethereally thin, crispy wood-fired pizza at a destination restaurant opened by a Chez Panisse alum. WHEN: Dinner Tue-Sat. How Much: $$. Where: 5008 Telegraph Ave.; 510/652-4888.

Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub.
Excellent New York-style pies in a low-key setting. WHEN: Lunch and dinner daily. How Much: $$. Where: 4799 Telegraph Ave.; 510/653-5350.

INFO: Telegraph Ave. runs from Oakland to Berkeley; the Temescal shopping area is between 42nd and 51st Streets.

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