Lake Tahoe landmarks

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The Shanghai

David Fenton


The Shanghai, lifted from the lake in 2000, resides at Tahoe Maritime Museum.

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The Cottage Inn

David Fenton


The Cottage Inn is a cozy, knotty-pine throwback on Lake Tahoe’s west side. 

Goldcrest Motel

David Fenton


 Goldcrest Motel (now part of Ferrari's Crown Resort) is one of several classics lining the lake.

Fire Light

David Fenton


Firelite Lodge was built to house athletes competing in the 1960 Winter Olympics. 

Firesign Cafe


Brunch lines are long, but a sunny patio table at Firesign Café is worth the wait. 

Emerald Bay

David Fenton


Lake stats

6,229 feet: Elevation (highest of lakes its size in the United States)

22 x 12 miles: Length x width

1,645 feet: Depth, near Crystal Bay (2nd deepest in the United States, after Oregon’s 
Crater Lake; 16th deepest lake in the world)

72 miles: Length of shoreline

39 trillion: Gallons of water

65°: Average temperature of 
water surface in August 

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