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Indulge your sweet tooth

Terrence McCarthy Woodhouse chocolates
Four great Bay Area chocolate shops

Bittersweet: The Chocolate Café.
The Rockridge cafe (now also in San Francisco) has a wall of specialty bars for baking or nibbling, beautiful filled candies from top chocolatiers, luscious baked goods, and drinks like chocolate chai. Closed Mon. 5427 College Ave.; 510/654-7159.

Michael Mischer Chocolates.
A spare, modern little spot, with tiny marble cafe tables, dark wood, and bright splashes of color. Don't miss the delicate, leaf-shaped green-tea chocolates. 3352 Grand Ave.; 510/986-1822.

San Francisco
Recchiuti Confections.
The Ferry Building outlet for innovative chocolatier Michael Recchiuti. Try the bittersweet chocolate truffles flavored with burnt sugar. In the Ferry Building, on the Embarcadero; 415/834-9494.

St. Helena
Woodhouse Chocolate.
Exquisite chocolates in a setting reminiscent of a French château. For Mother's Day, look for gorgeous chocolate high-heeled shoes and assortments packaged in a box made of fine chocolate. 1367 Main St.; 800/966-3468.