Hotel groove

You want tunes with that room?

You left your iPod at home?! These days, that's like forgetting your wallet. But don't sweat it―a number of hotels loan out the popular digital music devices to guests during their stay.

At Cabo San Lucas's Las Ventanas al Paraiso (from $450; or 888/767-3966), butlers will bring you an iPod loaded with more than 1,000 songs for cool poolside lounging.

Both iPod Minis and iPod Shuffles are available for checkout from the convenient "Whatever/Whenever" concierge at W Hotels (prices vary; www.starwood. com/whotels or 877/946- 8357). And more than 12 albums of customized tunes come standard on iPod Minis in cottages at San Diego's Hotel del Coronado (from $295; or 800/468-3533), along with in-room Bose docking stations for late-night dance sessions.

The Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills (from $155; or 310/247-0505) added iPod Minis to its Music Minibars in all 35 rooms, preloaded with songs from the hotel's own collection of mixes. Should you become too attached, most of these hotels will also sell the iPod or CDs, so the hits can keep on coming. ―R.B.

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