Fresh for the picking

Jim McCausland
The joys of the harvest aren't just for farmers anymore.

The joys of the harvest aren't just for farmers anymore. Several Western retreats now encourage guests to gather produce from on-site gardens to enjoy during their stay.

  • Mar Vista Cottages, on California's Mendocino coast, has a 2,500-square-foot organic vegetable garden nestled among guest cottages equipped with kitchens. Visitors pick to their hearts' content, then prepare their own meals with the bounty. From $140. or 707/884-3522.
  • Sooke Harbour House, on Vancouver Island, B.C., lets guests partake in a landscape of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even edible flowers from the working gardens. From $269. or 250/642-3421.
  • The Willows Inn in Washington's San Juan Islands has guests sample asparagus, tomatoes, and fresh eggs from an organic farm just up the hill, plus squash, herbs, and arugula that grow roomside. From $125. or 360/758-2620.


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