Sweet Dreams. A fixture in South Berkeley for more than 30 years, this is still a prime spot for chocolates, jewel-toned jelly beans and gummies, and a fun selection of wackier sweets ― think alien pops filled with green goo, or exploding lava candy. 2901 College Ave.; 510/549-1211.


Kiki's Candy Bar. A pretty pink wonderland of taffy, gumballs, and old-fashioned swirled candy sticks. A "candy cocktail bar" in the back serves sweet mock-cocktails with garnishes like Jujubes and Sugar Babies. 540 Emerson St.; 650/321-9919.


The Sacramento Sweets Company. Since 1964, this family-owned shop in historic Old Sacramento has been turning out vats of old-fashioned candy kettle delights like nut brittles, buttery toffee, and caramel corn. 1035 Front St.; 916/446-0590.


Z. Cioccolato. Fill a pail with your choice of 300 different kinds of candy sold by the pound, including caramels, licorice, and atomic fireballs. Don't miss the homemade Tiger Butter Fudge ― creamy chocolate and vanilla fudge with a layer of peanut butter. 474 Columbus Ave.; 415/395-9116.


Powell's Sweet Shoppe. In the back, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory plays all day, but the film has nothing on this store. The owner is also a collector ― check out a display of antique Candy Land game boards. 720 McClelland Dr.; 707/836-0808.

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