Everything roses

Seen one too many chaotic spring-mix bouquets lately? A noteworthy new spot in San Francisco cuts the clutter by focusing on just a single kind of flower throughout the shop: roses. Called Au Nom de la Rose, it's the first U.S. outpost of a successful chain of all-rose florists in France. Waft in on a sea of petals strewn across the sidewalk, then choose from the ready-made arrangements or select your own. We love the tiny bucket of five blooms to cheer up a desktop ($13) or a tight nosegay of a dozen perfectly open blooms―a steal at $15. "We always pair roses of different colors so that even a white wedding bouquet will have several shades of white," says Pascale Milite, the store's manager. "This way the bouquets are more bright, more alive." Closed Sat-Sun. 224 Kearny St., San Francisco; 415/986-3834.

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