Design central

Andrea Gomez
Shop for garden and home in Westlake Village

A quick hop off U.S. 101 east of Thousand Oaks, the Westlake Village Design Center offers a diverse, one-stop shopping experience. Don't visit expecting a mega-complex like Hollywood's Pacific Design Center, aka the Blue Whale.

Hidden away and still undiscovered even by many locals, the Westlake Village Design Center is by comparison just a bluegill. We found the low-slung complex only after a landscaper friend recommended Meadow Gardens (closed Tue; 31139 Via Colinas, Ste. 604; 818/879-9555) for its large selection of pottery and fountains.

Heather Fields Home & Garden (closed Sun; 31149 Via Colinas, Ste. 305 and 306; 818/991-0441) carries a nice collection of decorative ironwork and wood garden items with a romantic touch. Pacific Rim Home (closed Sun-Mon; 31139 Via Colinas, Ste. 203; 818/338-3386) specializes in Asian furnishings, including antique pieces. And the Dogs Gallery (closed Sun-Mon; 31139 Via Colinas, Ste. 204; 818/707-8070), showcases canine art, both serious and whimsical, in a variety of media.

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