High & low: Carmel for every budget

Splurge or save on a weekend in California’s prettiest village

Camrle beach horse riding
Photo by Alex Farnum

Carmel on a (big or little) budget

Sometimes you want to live large, sometimes you need to live thrifty. Maybe this is the summer you can vacation like a trust-funder. Or maybe you need to be your own Suze Orman right now, pinching every penny.

Either way, Carmel can make it happen. After all, this beautiful little town on the Monterey Peninsula was settled by impoverished artists seeking inspiration to write and paint. Then it was invaded by Fortune 500 types seeking inspiration to play golf and build multimillion-dollar homes and plot hostile takeovers on their smart phones.

In short, Carmel can handle the rich in spirit and the rich in material goods. The village is hopping—well, sedately, tastefully hopping—with new restaurants and shops. It’s an easy place to get your vacation money’s worth, whether that’s a lot of money or a little.


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