L.A.'s best bargain eats

Billy Vasquez―a.k.a. the 99-Cent Chef―dishes on inexpensive dining in L.A.

99 Only Store, Beverly Hills

Finding Frugality

In today’s economy, spending less doesn’t have to mean getting less. Chef Billy Vasquez shares his favorite frugal finds―at every price point―in the Los Angeles area.

Chef Billy Vasquez in the 99-Cent-Only Store

 Less than $1

Billy grabs perky romaine,olive oil, and lemons at the 99-Cent-Only Store, a jolly, brightly-lit place where everything costs under a buck.

6121 Wilshire Blvd.

Carney's Restaurant in Beverly Hills

Less Than $5

What does the chef like about Carney's Restaurant? Everything! "The hot dogs are steamed and have a nice snap when you bite into them. Every seat is a window seat in the converted train car. And parking is free.” 

Happy hour: 4:30–7 Mon–Fri
8351 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood

Ciuddad Restaurant in Los Angeles

Under $15

Ciudad’s tacos and mojitos are so fresh, they taste like they’re good for you. “All the happy-hour items are only $4 to $7 each,” Billy says, lifting another pork slider. “The 99 Cent Chef is living high on the hog here.”

Happy hour: 4–7 Mon–Fri
445 S. Figueroa St.
Downtown Los Angeles

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