Bliss out in the Shade Hotel

Joe Schmelzer
Catch the breeze at a new Manhattan Beach, California hotel

South Beach comes to the South Bay with the opening of Shade Hotel.

Featuring a subtle palette of sea tones, the 38-room boutique hotel's interior evokes the changing moods of the Pacific, which lies just three blocks away from Shade's location in the heart of Manhattan Beach.

In the rooms, sets of sliding shoji let you reconfigure the space to either create a sense of openness or divide the sleeping area from the deep-soak spa tub.

In addition, the rooms feature espresso machines, blenders, and martini shakers ― and some even come with "fire cyclones," a high-tech variation on a gas fireplace that creates a spiral of flame within a clear cylinder.



When you're not blissing out in your room, head to the rooftop Skydeck for views out to the ocean, or kick it in the Zinc Lounge (quite the scene on weekend nights) where guests settle in on sleek, low-slung lounges for breakfast, lunch, and small-plate dinners.

Info: Shade Hotel (38 rooms from $250; 1221 Valley Dr., Manhattan Beach; 866/987-4233)

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