75 reasons to love the West

The top people, places, things, and trends that make us happy to live here now

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Over-the-top DIY
Chantal Anderson

Over-the-top DIY

We all harbor some kind of foodie fantasy, and the West is dotted with classes that’ll give you the skills to …

Master the noodle. The ramen workshop at The Pantry in Seattle (pictured) does a deep dive into the Japanese soup, from cutting noodles by hand to boiling pig trotters for an unctuous tonkotsu broth. $70; pantryatdelancey.com

Sell your jam. And not just jam. In Oakland, Food Craft Institute’s 12-week class covers sauces and condiments too. There’s plenty of hands-on kitchen time plus a lesson on funding with crowdsourcing. $2,750; foodcraftinstitute.org

Butcher a pig. Wielding a knife and a saw, you’ll break down a pig into loins, ham roasts, and stew meat in Portland Meat Collective’s basic butchery class. $265; pdxmeat.com

Perfect the coffee pour-over. L.A.’s Institute of Domestic Technology is home ec on steroids. Two coffee classes walk students through roasting beans, proper brewing, and how to ace an iced coffee. $190; instituteofdomestictechnology.com

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