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The Grand Canyon, even grander
Thomas J. Story

The Grand Canyon, even grander

A wave of new projects means a visit to the South Rim is, believe it or not, better than you remember.

The canyon without the cars. A redesign has shifted traffic away from Mather Point, one of the canyon’s most popular viewpoints, so you can take in the vista in true peace and quiet.

Bikers, rejoice. The Tusayan Greenway brings the park’s bike-path total to ​18 miles, meaning you can pedal to the canyon’s edge from the gateway town of Tusayan. Bright Angel Bicycles and Café, the South Rim’s first rental outfit, leads family-friendly tours.  bikegrandcanyon.com

Epic trails, little luxuries. The South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails will always be thigh-burners, but the views make them worth every ache and pain. Now the South Kaibab has undergone the park’s biggest trail overhaul since the 1960s. And the Bright Angel trailhead has shaded seating—just what you’ll need after trekking to the rim.

Really, truly a must-see. Pooh-pooh the idea of a visitor center film all you want, but you’d be a sucker to skip Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder, chock-full of award-winning cinematography.

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