Best hotels in the West

Staying in the right hotel can make or break a vacation. Get our recommendations for the best bargains, most unique sleeps, coastal stays, and more

25 best hotels in the West

Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation. Relaxed, pampered, smitten by the scenery

Crescent Beverly Hills
Photo by Andrea Gómez Romero

Crescent Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills 

The stylin' rooms at the Crescent are admittedly a tight squeeze, but what vaulted this hotel onto our list is its value score, with under-$250 rooms in one of the toniest parts of L.A., plus the glamorous art deco design. At night, a high-energy bar and palm terrace make it a great place to meet up with friends. Extra points for fully loaded iPods by the bed, plush HD Design/Eco Friendly toiletries, and room service. $159/$219; 36 rooms & suites;



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