Best hotels in the West

Staying in the right hotel can make or break a vacation. Get our recommendations for the best bargains, most unique sleeps, coastal stays, and more

25 best hotels in the West

Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation. Relaxed, pampered, smitten by the scenery

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Strategies for even better rates
Photo courtesy of Pacific Edge Hotel

Strategies for even better rates

Get social: The biggest buzz in travel booking are sites like and, which sell discount vouchers. LivingSocial comes out with new deals on Wednesdays–touting discounts of up to 50 percent that are bookable up to a year ahead. For Groupon Getaways, Groupon teamed with Expedia to reach 135,000 hotels. Both require purchase up-front.

Be flexible: Many hotels are more transparent about rates now, posting price calendars that allow you to time your stay based on when you can get the best deal. Plus, hotels often tweet bargains to savvy followers days before deals go public.

Sign up for flash sales: On private sale sites like,, and, luxe hotel packages run at 20 to 60 percent discounts, and sales generally last a week. But before you pull the trigger, call the hotel directly and ask for a better deal. Flash sites (and deal sites in general) rarely offer the cancellation flexibility that a hotel does, and most require full payment up-front.


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