Best hotels in the West

Staying in the right hotel can make or break a vacation. Get our recommendations for the best bargains, most unique sleeps, coastal stays, and more

25 best hotels in the West

Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation. Relaxed, pampered, smitten by the scenery

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Fairmont Pacific Rim
Photo courtesy of Fairmont Pacific Rim

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Vancouver, B.C.

The Fairmont's attention to detail is in a class of its own, even for a luxury hotel. You'll spend the first 15 minutes in your room wondering, "How did they know I liked this song? Where did they get this tea? Wait, the bathroom mirror is also a television?" It doesn't stop there. There's the "outrageous, freakishly automated" fitness room with water, towels, and touch-pad controls at every station. The "graceful, proficient" staff who always greet you by name. A concierge who doesn't just give you directions but hands you a map with local attractions handwritten in. Even with an ideal downtown location, you'll find yourself aching for your room. $282 U.S./$353 U.S.; 377 rooms & suites;



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