Best hotels in the West

Staying in the right hotel can make or break a vacation. Get our recommendations for the best bargains, most unique sleeps, coastal stays, and more

25 best hotels in the West

Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation. Relaxed, pampered, smitten by the scenery

Solage Calistoga
Photo by Rachel Weill

Solage Calistoga

Napa Valley

Wine country is filled with gorgeous hotels that bristle with Michelin stars, but somehow, Solage manages to have "the best pool in Napa, period," says our reviewer, a window-walled gym that channels "Martha Stewart's private gym in Bedford," and the requisite Michelin star–without costing $700 a night. Comfy, barn-chic studios with a spiffy pair of loaner bikes and shaded patios create a sanctuary feel, and the spa is one of the best. $350/$585; 95 rooms & suites;



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