Best bounce-back burb: Brea


Brea, California

Brea's public spaces are designed to draw residents together.

Dan Chavkin

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  • Orenco Station

    The changing Western suburb

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The category: Towns that create or resuscitate a downtown, ending the reign of strip malls.

The stats: In northeast Orange County, 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles; population 40,000.

The residents: Christine and Greg Marick (31 and 37) and their 2-year-old daughter. Christine works in municipal bonds at an investment-management company; Greg manages an after-school program and summer science camp business.

How they got here: Christine grew up in a neighborhood of row houses in Washington, D.C., so the couple wanted a pedestrian-friendly community with nearby destinations. "I didn't want to just walk a loop around a gated community," she says. By luck they came across Brea's Ash Street Cottages district, an area that "surprised us even beyond what we were hoping for," Christine says.


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