September 2010 magazine issue


20 top coastal weekends, unplugged island vacations, fish taco nirvana, protecting your home from fire, and more

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 17:56


September 2010

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4 Ways with Fish Tacos
Spotlight on seaweed
5 great sushi & wine matches
10 all-to-yourself islands
Off the beaten path in Santa Barbara
Day Trip: Downtown Tempe, AZ
Wyoming Day Trip: Laramie
Escape to Cowichan Bay, B.C.
Day Trip: Malibu, CA
Classy cowboy day trip: Ellensburg, WA
Day Trip: Monterey's Wine Road
Organic attractions in Whitefish, MT
Star chefs go low-key in L.A.
4 ways to wine in East Bay
Where to nosh late-night in Seattle
7 healthy burgers in the San Francisco area
Wine tasting in Humboldt County
3 Ways to Bring Beachside Style to Your Home
5 shops we love: Laguna Beach
Taste Seattle's spirit scene
Living with the new wave of wildfire
The beautiful & fire-smart yard
Pack These Now: 6 Fire Kit Essentials
A Fire-Smart Home Remodel
4 great firefighting plants
A fire-safe home remodel
How to Design a Fire-Resistant Garden

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