Celebration Weekend 2010 - Special Exhibits

Unique to this year's event are special exhibits that will sure to be a hit with Sunset readers. A 2500 square foot glamorous camping compound, a fully equipped kitchen on the main cooking stage featuring IKEA products, an artisan food pavilion, and hands-on projects for the entire family. Check them out here, and come prepared to be inspired!

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Hands-On Activities

Check out this year's Hands-On Cooking activity featuring Post Cereals, and our ever-popular Paint-a-Pot Hands-On Gardening classes for the entire family.

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Hands on Garden: 
Painted terra-cotta pots 

This art activity has become a Celebration Weekend staple. Each year visitors stand in line early for their chance at a ticket for the paint-a-pot project. Many terra-cotta painters are repeat customers and come to Celebration Weekend year after year to add to their collection of decorated pots. Using acrylic paint, amateur artists decorate their pots with the confidence of Picasso. In 2009, every available seat was taken at each of the nine daily sessions. A total of 1,296 pots were painted throughout the weekend. Each artist receives a terra cotta pot to decorate, courtesy of Bloomrite® by Nurserymen’s Exchange Inc. as well as a potted flower to plant in their works of art, courtesy of Proven Winners. And to ensure there were no messes while the pots dried, each hands-on garden guest receives an eco-friendly natural rope handle to carry their masterpiece around.  



Hands on Cooking: 
Make your own cereal snack 

Queue up and make your own trail mix made from Post Cereals. Everyone comes away with a bag of snacks with spices for mixing and cooking in your own kitchen! Although, we dare you to hold off snacking on these until you get home!



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