Weber Grilling School at Celebration Weekend

Get tickets to attend a grilling class taught by Weber's grilling masters at Celebration Weekend

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Weber will be hosting a series of grilling classes at three different times through out the day, both Saturday and Sunday.  The intimate classes allow attendees a chance to “test drive” a Weber with the expert instruction from master griller Chef Jamie Purviance from Weber.  Each class will be grilling up unique recipes and using different techniques.

Have grilling questions?  Drop by Weber anytime throughout the weekend to have your questions answered by the Weber team and Chef Jamie Purviance.

Click here to purchase tickets for the Weber Grilling School. Participants must have a general admission ticket and be 16-years of age or older to participate. Price includes expert grilling instruction from Chef Jamie Pruviance, a copy of Weber's Big Book of Burgers, and a burger press.

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