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Samanntha Rodriguez

Samanntha Rodriguez, Founder, EZ Farms and Fish 

Samanntha Rodriguez is an avid promoter of aquaponic gardening and farming methods (aquaponics is the co-cultivation of plants and fish in a recirculating environment). Rodriguez began EZ Farms and Fish in 2007 to educate those interested in a more sustainable lifestyle, and she speaks about the need to make better nutrition and a fresh, steady food supply available to everyone at public gatherings throughout the Western United States.

Her background in art and design and many years in the construction trade help Rodriguez create custom aquaponic systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. She is particularly adept at making gardening accessible for those with limited physical ability. Rodriguez is the founding director of World Aquaponics Trade Educational Resource and is also a member of the Aquaponics Association. She is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge as the industry grows; tours and classes at EZ Farms and Fish are an ongoing source of inspiration. Rodriguez currently resides in the East Bay with her husband, chickens, and a variety of former strays. 


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