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Brian Paquette

Brian Paquette, Interior Designer, BP Interiors 

Since he started his eponymous design firm a little more than four years ago, Brian Paquette has been challenging the normal aesthetic associated with an interiors firm—what they do; who their clients are; and where they get their ideas. He has worked on a range of client homes, from very traditional settings that echo his East coast upbringing to more minimalist spaces that bring to mind a modern, sparse, or time-worn aesthetic.

For Paquette, inspiration can strike at any time. Sometimes he will walk into a home and feel a connection beyond simple surface comfort or visual pleasure. There will be a shade of blue that reminds him of the beach in Newport in early spring. Perhaps a fabric on a sofa will have the feel of his prep school blazer, or the lighting in a home will evoke the memory of waking up in a yurt on the Oregon coast. It is this sense of possibility and this connection to the past that moves him as a designer; this is what gets him out of bed in the morning.


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