Summer Guide to Beer & Grilling

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Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Weber’s juicy, smoky meat loaf packs a big punch of flavor, making it a crowd-pleasing match for different styles of beers. Those who enjoy a lighter style will love it with a summery wheat beer like hefeweizen, a crisp, refreshing beer brewed partly with wheat. With fruity, sometimes citrusy notes, this easy-to-drink style brings out the heartiness of the meatloaf and matches well with the wheat flavor imparted by the panko in the dish. If you love a darker beer, try the meatloaf with a darker, sweeter amber ale. These copper-toned brews have a malty aroma that matches the sweetness of the meat’s barbecue glaze; their rich, toasty notes also pair well with the slight charring that gives the meatloaf its unique grill-smoked character.


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