Summer Guide to Beer & Grilling

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Stout Beer


Many grillers automatically reach for a lighter brew, such as lager or pale ale, with bratwurst. That familiar pairing is a favorite with many, but our tasters were blown away by the hearty flavors of Johnsonville bratwurst with a rich, toasty stout―a very dark, chocolaty beer brewed from roasted barley. With its malty, caramel notes and full-bodied character, stout stands up perfectly to a savory Johnsonville sausage, bringing out the sweet notes of the meat. Want to load up your brat with fixings like mustard and onions? No problem; a big stout can handle plenty of flavor. When you’re buying beer, though, don’t entirely skip lighter-bodied brews like pilsner: they’re just right for simmering your brats in the flavor-rich hot tub on the grill.


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