• lunchbox laboratory

    Ballard: Lunchbox Laboratory

  • Pike Street Fish Fry

    Capitol Hill: Pike Street Fish Fry

  • Licorous

    Capitol Hill: Licorous

  • Monsoon Restaurant

    Capitol Hill: Monsoon

  • La Medusa

    Columbia City: La Medusa

  • Columbia City Bakery

    Columbia City: Columbia City Bakery

  • Steelhead Diner

    Downtown: Steelhead Diner

  • Elliott's Oyster House

    Downtown: Elliott's Oyster House

  • Matt's in the Market

    Downtown: Matt's in the Market

  • Fran's Chocolates

    Downtown: Fran's Chocolates

  • La Buona Tavola

    Downtown: La Buona Tavola

  • Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub

    Lake Union/Eastlake: LPaddy Coyne's Irish Pub

  • Hiroshi's Restaurant

    Lake Union/Eastlake: Hiroshi's Restaurant

  • Salumi

    Pioneer Square: Salumi

  • Hula Hula

    Queen Anne: Hula Hula

  • The Corson Building

    West Seattle/Georgetown: The Corson Building

  • Bakery Nouveau

    West Seattle/Georgetown: Bakery Nouveau

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