Picnic in Point Loma

Follow the road till it ends at a San Diego landmark. Then relax and enjoy the views

Cabrillo National Monument
Photo: J.P. Greenwood

San Diego may dead-end at Point Loma, but the views from Cabrillo National Monument at the tip of this peninsula go on forever. Along the monument's east side, you get a sweeping view of the city and San Diego Bay, where Navy jets surge into the sky and cruisers churn toward port.

But along the other side, it is untamed: Pelicans and red-tailed hawks glide over sandstone cliffs and topsoil eroded into formations reminiscent of organ pipes. Surfers work a break just offshore, kicking out from waves that foam and spray onto ledges of tidepools.

For all this land's-end grandeur, you are just a few minutes from the La Playa district, a harborside hub for Point Loma residents and boaters, and Liberty Station, an emerging city (and formerly a Naval Training Center) within a city.



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