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  1. Baby Pete™ Lily Of The Nile
    Dwarf size and re-blooming habit are just two of the reasons to plant this unique little perennial. Masses of blue flowers appear weeks earlier than other varieties, and blooming continues through summer! Neat and petite, grassy-textured clumps are perfect for edging pathways and borders or to accent patio containers. Click to learn more.
  2. Brillancy Rock Rose
    Colorful and durable – this workhorse shrub adds bright spring color to dry hillsides and tough spots. Compact, mounded form works well as a low divider or driveway border. And because it thrives in poor soil, tolerates salt spray and intense heat, it is versatile for coastal to inland desert areas. Click to learn more.
  3. Double Take™ Orange Storm Flowering Quince
    Big, richly colored, double flowers provide a stunning early spring display. Drought tolerant once established, it may be pruned to shape after flowering. Intense spring color. Good for cut flowers. Thornless and deer resistant, it does not produce fruit. Click to learn more.
  4. Fire Spinner® Ice Plant
    Brilliant flowers nearly cover this tough little groundcover in spring, repeating through summer. Shiny green-apple colored foliage grows quickly to create a dense weed-smothering mat. This hardy and heat-loving, water-wise and carefree plant is useful for erosion control on dry slopes or as an accent in rock gardens or containers. Click to learn more.
  5. Hazel™ Spanish Lavender
    Fragrant, large, vibrant bluish-purple flowers complement the gray-green finely textured foliage. Less vulnerable to falling open with age than other lavenders. Ideal for borders, cottage gardens and containers. Evergreen. Click for more information.
  6. Bonsai Blue Jacaranda
    This new truly dwarf Jacaranda creates a show in spring with big, deep purple flowers. Bright green, fern-like foliage is highly heat and drought tolerant. An ideal small tree for smaller gardens, it is equally attractive as a border accent or in decorative pots on a terrace or patio. Click to learn more.
  7. Variegated Dwarf Agave
    Bright golden-yellow edged, fleshy, curved leaves create an elegant urn-like form. Great focal point for the landscape or in a large container. Mass for great effect. Leaves have tiny, marginal thorns. Evergreen. Click to learn more.
  8. Scarlet Torch™ Bottlebrush
    Prolific, crimson-red bottlebrush-like flowers will attract hummingbirds to the garden in droves! This new introduction from the University of Georgia has larger blooms than other varieties with an excellent rounded form. A great choice for minimal care gardens as it maintains its compact size with little to no pruning. Evergreen. Click to learn more.
  9. Retro Succulents® Sunset™ Aloe
    Green tapering leaves on this clumping succulent become spotted and russet-red with age. A tall flower spike with green-tipped yellow or red flowers attracts hummingbirds. Perfect for rock gardens or dry borders. Plant in mass for a beautiful display. Click to learn more.
  10. Sienna Sunrise® Heavenly Bamboo
    Intense fiery red new foliage cools to lush green in summer. Red highlights reappear in fall and winter. Occasionally produces small white flowers. Perfect choice for high profile accents or nooks in architecture. Mass for intense color. Evergreen. Click to learn more.
  11. Heatwave™ Blaze Sage
    This aromatic, evergreen shrub produces massed displays of dark crimson blooms from spring to fall. Easy to grow, with a compact, rounded habit and exceptional tolerance for dry conditions. Ideal for mixed borders in waterwise gardens, or displayed in patio containers. Evergreen in mild winter climates. Click to learn more.
  12. Blue Eyed Beauty African Daisy
    This unique bicolor African Daisy will add a splash of bright color to your garden in early spring. Compact bushy form is perfect in patio containers and mass color plantings as well as mixed into perennial borders. Evergreen in frost-free areas. Click to learn more.
  13. Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana
    Exceptionally cold hardy selection with established clumps surviving to 0 F°. Low spreading form is excellent for mass and hillside plantings or patio containers. Showy bright yellow flowers cycle during warm season. Evergreen except in temperate climates below freezing. Perennial. Click to learn more.
  14. Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea
    Pack a double punch of color with scrumptious raspberry-pink flower bracts backed by bright, variegated foliage. This compact form makes a great groundcover for dry banks and borders. And because Bougainvillea blooms better when kept a little on the dry side, it is perfect for hanging baskets and patio containers. Click to learn more.