Handmade with Etsy

Get inspired to make it your own with beautiful handmade crafts and products at Celebration Weekend 2011

Pigeon Toe dent bud vase
Photo: courtesy of Pigeon Toe on etsy.com

To keep with the Make It Your Own experience, Sunset has invited local members of the Etsy community to display and sell their unique crafts and products. In the past few years, Etsy.com has enabled thousands of crafters with a small home business to connect with buyers from across the globe.

Read interviews with some of our favorite artisans for tips on how to get started, where to find inspiration, and more. Plus, take a sneak peek at some of the wares they'll have on display at Celebration Weekend:

Pigeon Toe  (Portland, OR)
Ceramic dishware and vases, textiles
  (Alameda, CA)
Wool-felted jewelry and vases
  (San Francisco, CA)
Laser-cut wood jewelry
Little Sapling Toys
  (Boise, ID)
Organic wooden toys
Monkeys Always Look
  (San Diego, CA)
Spoons repurposed as plant markers
Whitney Smith Pottery
  (Oakland, CA)
Handmade ceramic pottery
Sara Paloma Ceramics
  (Bay Area, CA)
Handmade wheel pottery
  (San Francisco, CA)
Stone/druzy jewelry
Tastes Orangey
(Bodega Bay, CA)
Art prints

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