Top eco-friendly floors

Five green solutions for floors, from sustainable lumber, tile, and linoleum to cork

Eco-friendly wood floor
Photo: Rob D. Brodman  


What it is: Lumber from sustainable sources; natural beauty and durability without the guilt. Choices in environmentally friendly flooring range from certified lumber harvested under Forest Stewardship Council guidelines to recycled and engineered wood.

What makes it green: FSC certification, which tracks lumber to sustainably harvested sources. Recycling: Repurposed wood comes from such sources as old barns, wine tanks, or trestles. Technology: Engineered flooring maximizes supplies by bonding veneers on a plywood base.

Cost and contact info: $10-$19 per sq. ft. Black's Farmwood (877/321-9663): reclaimed and remilled flooring. EcoTimber (888/801-0855): certified hardwood and engineered flooring. TerraMai (800/220-9062): reclaimed wood. Wood Flooring International (856/764-2501): recycled, salvaged, and engineered flooring.


  • Eco-friendly wood substitute floor

    Wood substitute

  • Eco-friendly cork floor


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