Breezehouse: Week 1

On August 3, we'll open the doors to the new Sunset Breezehouse

Breezehouse Idea House

June 4, 2012 | By Sarah Gaffney

In 2005, Sunset built its first Breezehouse in the parking lot of our Menlo Park headquarters for our annual Celebration Weekend event.  It was such a hit, that almost 10 years later, readers still recall its iconic, modern design and ask, when are you building another one?

The next generation of the Breezehouse is now underway in the Blu Homes factory in Vallejo, California. 

In just 10 weeks, we will create a beautiful green home, built almost entirely in a former submarine periscope factory. Everything in the home—windows, flooring, tile, and cabinetry—is installed at the factory. When completed, the home’s three modules and guest cottage neatly fold up to a narrow width for easy transport to its permanent location in Healdsburg, the heart of Sonoma Wine Country!

Come back often and watch as we build the Breezehouse and then truck it to Healdsburg…in just 10 weeks!



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