Bath style

Make your own splash with new fixtures and accessories

Photo: Steve Keating

These days, bathrooms aren't merely utilitarian; they're true reflections of their owners' tastes. Here are three modern examples, along with some of the latest bath products and accessories, to help define your own style within your own budget.

The bathroom shown here, in Laurie and Mike Hilton's Seattle home, is a study in contrasts. Inexpensive elements ― mirrored cabinets and a wood table that serves as a sink base ― combine with higher-end materials for a sophisticated result.

The table and the cabinets are from Ikea; the two cabinets are mounted next to each other to create a more substantial look. Tumbled stone tiles in varying sizes provide drama, their strongly textured surfaces highlighted by the richly colored walls.

DESIGN:  David Foster Architects, Seattle (206/726-9558)


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