Wallpaper stylist

An artistic new take on wall decor

Profile: wallpaper stylist
Photo: Joe Schmelzer

At Norinne DeGal's Walnut Wallpaper & Trim in Los Angeles, the once-passé decorating material is transformed into the ultimate modern makeover tool. DeGal stocks hundreds of patterns, from metallic swirls to muted toiles to polka dots.

But it's not just the hyper-colored, hand-painted bird patterns or even the popular new black-and-white plastic films that lend a contemporary twist - it's also the way wallpaper is now being used.

DeGal's clients routinely request as little as a single roll to cover desks, closet doors, screen dividers, and even tabletops.

Or how about framing a few feet for some almost-original art? You'll want to make sure an area is large enough to see the full pattern before you commit, but after that, you're ready to hit the wall.

Info: Closed Sun-Mon. 7220 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles; 323/932-9166.

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