Seasonal entryways

Dress your home with three regional looks

Seasonal entryways
Photo: Thomas J. Story

California citrus

Winter is the time for citrus in California; pair garden cuttings of kumquats with salal and boxwood.


1. Start with a wire wreath frame and a spool of 22-gauge wire, both available at craft stores. Using a 2-foot piece of wire, secure a bunch of 4 or 5 stems of salal and boxwood (each about 4 in. long) to the wreath frame, wrapping the bunch near the end of the stems three or four times.

2. Repeat the process with another bunch, continuing with the same piece of wire and overlapping the first bunch; work counterclockwise around the wreath, starting new pieces of wire as necessary.

3. When the wreath is covered, insert sprigs of kumquats (each with at least two or three fruits attached) into the greenery. The wreath (and garland below) will last longer in the shade.


1. Cut two 11-foot lengths of clothesline. Starting at the end of one cord, use a 2-foot piece of 22-gauge wire, as on the wreath, to secure a 4-inch-long bunch of salal, boxwood, and kumquats to the rope.

2. Repeat, layering bunches until you reach the cord's end. Cover the second one similarly. Join the two garlands together with wire.

3. Wrap two plastic-foam rings with ribbon, loop fishing line through each ring, and suspend from nails driven into door frame, as shown. Thread garland through rings, hooking it on a centered nail. ― Mary Jo Bowling


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