Condo makeover

Clever storage solutions, color, and materials
give a dated interior personality and warmth

Condo makeover
Photo: John Granen

Kitchen hangout

The makeover began with tearing out old carpeting, restoring the white oak floors, and bathing most rooms in a creamy white that warms Seattle's often gray daylight. Select walls in the entry hall and dining room add punchy modern accents of orange-red and cinnamon brown against the traditional white molding and trim.

The kitchen got a complete overhaul. "It's small, but we located things carefully so we're not backing into the stove or refrigerator," Barr says. Instead of a fixed center island, he set a commercial-grade steel table on casters and "just shoved appliances and work areas to the sides, giving us a big counter space. That's how to make a small kitchen feel much larger."

Above the gas range, a horizontal window creates visual head space and throws light into the hallway. The couple splurged on a solid mahogany wall cabinet of Barr's design to hold utensils, dishware, and their cherished collection of ceramic art.

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