New kitchen opens to airy living spaces

Before & After: See how this remodel turned a dark home into an airy platform for relaxed living

The refrigerator

Key elements of the remodel

The changes are mostly on the surface, but have big impact.

Light-reflecting flat white paint covers old paneling.

Floor-to-ceiling French doors open an entire wall to the small deck.

Wood table and benches mixed with metal dining chairs create a relaxed look.

Vases and other art objects provide elegant focal points.

Marble backsplash and wood display shelf make the kitchen handsome enough to entertain in.

Breakfast bay acts as a daylight-catcher that brightens the rest of the kitchen.

Design:  Malcolm Davis Architecture, San Francisco.

Interior design consultant: Margaret Simon, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, Berkeley

More: Diary of a kitchen remodel

  • Bottle and vase collection

    Elegant focal points

    "I love to see through things," says Davis. His collection of clear bottles and vases in a pleasing variety of shapes and heights reinforces the point and underscores one of the goals of the remodel, which was to open up views.

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