A Victorian transformation

See how one home became a serene and sophisticated live-work space

A Victorian transformation
Photo: Thayer Allyson Gowdy

A predominantly white interior can look stark and minimalist, so Nunn brightens her home by selecting hues with warm undertones.

Her whites have a hint of yellow, grays a hint of brown, browns a hint of red. "Undertones can considerably change the feeling of a color," she says. Finishes and materials throughout the house are in the same neutral color palette ― stainless steel, chrome, silver, and pewter.

Her discipline also extends to her kitchen, which forgoes built-in storage for a four-tier baker's rack and open shelving under the stainless steel island.

"With everything out in the open, it's accessible and easy. I like the purity and the clean look," she says. "Even pots and pans can be artistic in shape."

The screened-in porch ― formerly a laundry area ― is home to a stainless steel worktable for gardening and pet chores, and transforms into a bar when hosting guests.

Nunn loves the original concrete sink in the corner: "It's old and funky and practical. I can wash paintbrushes in it or hook up a hose for gardening."

Her timeless aesthetic is easy to emulate. "I chose not to clutter my home with impersonal accessories," Nunn says. "This house had great bones, so I helped it breathe ― and let the adornments grow naturally."

Design:  Kimberley Nunn, Shopworks Design, Napa, CA (707/258-1924)

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