Restful bath opens door to nature

Minimalist approach keeps focus on natural materials

Restful bath opens door to nature
Photo: Thomas J. Story

Shedding the stresses of the day is a breeze in Alison Danz's nature-infused Seattle bathroom.

Large sliding doors open an entire wall to a private courtyard, bathing the room in fresh air and natural light.

Sandstone tiles form the tub platform and continue into the courtyard; a step made of organically shaped black locust wood eases the transition from indoors to out.

Minimal plumbing fixtures and simple sconces mounted directly onto an unframed mirror keep the focus on natural materials and a pampering atmosphere. The mirror provides a view of the courtyard and gives the room the illusion of being open on both sides.

In contrast to the variety of textures in this bathroom, the palette is limited to a few neutrals ― creamy whites and warm browns and beiges ― which give the space a unified feel and an easy flow.


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