New kitchen opens into the sunlight

A new home remodel opens a kitchen and dining room into the garden, creating a welcoming entertaining space

Sunlit kitchen
Photo: Ray Kachatorian

Calof and Lander often entertain in the garden. "Arthur cooks fancy things that have to be prepared at the last minute," Calof says, so it is critical that the kitchen is open or he would never see his guests.

"We open up the sliding doors, and the whole space flows together ― from kitchen to dining room to patio to garden."

This kind of indoor-outdoor flow is possible because the lightweight, open furnishings create minimal visual or physical barriers between the interior and exterior.

Built-ins free up space and eliminate the need for lots of furniture. "Here, we feel like we are living outdoors all the time," Calof adds.

Design: Walter Metez, Walter Metez Architects, Laguna Beach, CA (949/499-4922)

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