Closet island

A freestanding storage unit makes a master suite both spacious and efficient

Closet island
Photo: Alex Hayden

A bedroom, a bathroom, and a walk-in closet - Eric Ledoux assumed that the master suite in his new Bellevue, Washington, home would be laid out in the traditional way. Then architect Lane Williams posed a simple yet mind-blowing question: "Have you considered not having walls?" Williams's idea was a closet island that would be a multifunctional divider, separating the sleeping area from dressing and bathing zones without closing off one area from another.

Interior designer Amy Baker made sure the unit would be flexible and efficient. She included 13 feet of hanging space, double rods, adjustable shelving, and cubbies for books.

DESIGN: Lane Williams Architect, Seattle (206/284-8355); Amy Baker Interior Design (206/283-1969)


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