What to do in your garden in May

Here's what to buy, plant, and watch for in your part of the West

Flower tower
Photo: Rob D. Brodman

Finally, the time is here: In the Rockies, go ahead and start those tomatoes!

In other regions of the West, May is a good time to experiment. 

In Southern California, try subtropical fruit (like bananas, or cherimoyas); in Northern California, shop for kousa dogwoods; in the Southwest, consider a new prairie switch grass; and in the Northwest try some unusual summer bulbs (like Chinese ground orchids).

All zones should consider growing a tower of flowers. The tower at left is covered in Mandevilla, a subtropical perennial. (See how to make your own tipi trellis.)

Get more info on what to do in your own region of the West:

Northern California

Southern California



Rocky Mountain states

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