Southern California: Dig it at this Del Mar garden boutique

This garden boutique houses many different garden accessories

Antique olive jars from Turkey. Stone urns and terra-cotta pots from Italy. Handblown hummingbird feeders. You'll find all this and more at Dig ― John and Kim Kelly's garden boutique in Del Mar. "We sell houseplants, but we're not a nursery," John says. "We sell our own line of English-made tools, but we're not a garden supply store."

Southern Californians who see a garden as yet another room to accessorize will find plenty of items from which to choose, ranging from potpourri sold in bulk ($2 per ounce) to a 20-inch-diameter stone urn from England ($2,000). Some inventory changes seasonally ― from furniture and patio umbrellas in summer to bulbs and wreaths of dried materials (made to order) in fall and garlands in winter. Pottery is available year-round. In Flower Hill Mall, 2690 Via de la Valle, Del Mar; (858) 481-3478.

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