5 veggie seeds to order in March

From 'Fairy Tale' eggplant to 'Rumbo' winter squash, find your favorite

5 veggie seeds to order in March

'Copia' tomato
Sweet, zesty flavor and vibrant color: yellow with red stripes on the outside, marbleized inside. Developed from a cross between two old-time favorites, 'Marvel Stripe' and 'Green Zebra'. www.naturalgardening.com (707/766-9303).

'Fairy Tale' eggplant
Lavender- and white-striped fruit sprout from these dwarf plants (to 24 in. tall), which grow well in pots or in the ground; harvest when 4 inches long. www.territorial-seed.com (800/626-0866).

'Honey Select' corn 
Tender, sweet kernels and great corn flavor. Unlike other super-sweet types, 'Honey Select' doesn't have to be isolated from other corn in the garden. www.parkseed.com (800/213-0076). 

'Roma Improved' Italian bush bean
Richer flavor than 'Blue Lake', with a meaty texture that makes them perfect in soup and wonderful steamed. Flat 5-inch-long beans on 2-foot-tall plants. www.reneesgarden.com (888/880-7228).

'Rumbo' winter squash
The gorgeous 14- to 15-pound fruit resemble a flattened, deeply ribbed pumpkin, but their color is less garish and their flavor is outstanding. Use in pies, breads, and stews. www.parkseed.com (800/213-0076).

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