Your best Valentine's Day

Old-fashioned bouquets

Small and simple, they make great gifts for any occasion

Old-fashioned bouquet
Photo: Thomas J. Story

The month of May brings many reasons to head for the garden and pick a bunch of blooms: a little bouquet for Mother's Day, a gift for a favorite teacher at the end of the school year, a thank you to the friend who's invited you to a May Day garden party. Whatever the occasion, these old-fashioned bouquets are the perfect way to celebrate the season. If you don't have many flowers in your garden, use ones from a florist's shop or market.

Design: Jill Slater

Time: 20 minutes each (plus conditioning time)

Cost: About $5 (plus cost of flowers if purchased)


• Pruning shears

• One to two dozen stems of flowers, foliage, and herbs

• Bucket

• Rubber band

• One lace paper napkin or two 8-inch-diameter paper doilies

• Scissors

• Roll of 1-inch-wide white florists' tape

• 1 yard 1-inch-wide decorative ribbon

• Several decorative straight pins

• ½ yard thin ribbon


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