Easy-to-start seeds

Here's a list of seeds that germinate easily

Among the array sold at nurseries and garden centers, the following kinds germinate readily.

Herbs and veggies


Lettuce and other leafy greens, such as arugula


Tomatoes (especially small cherry types)

Summer annuals





Seed sources

Nichols Garden Nursery ( www.nicholsgardennursery.com or 800/422-3985)

Ornamental Edibles ( www.ornamentaledibles.com or 408/929-7333)

Renee's Garden ( www.reneesgarden.com)

Seeds of Change ( www.seedsofchange.com or 888/762-7333)

Territorial Seed Company ( www.seedsofchange.com or 541/942-9547)

West Coast Seeds ( www.westcoastseeds.com or 604/952-8820)

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