Get cash back for saving water

Use our list of resources and get money back on your water-saving equipment and drought-tolerant plants 

Get rebates on water-saving equipment or cash back for replacing your lawn with drought-tolerant plants. Check program guidelines before you jump in: Some require a site inspection before you buy anything or make changes. And you must be a resident and a utility customer to get rebates.


• Tempe

With the Landscape Rebate Program, get rebates for front-yard and backyard ($250 each) conversion of grass to desert landscaping or for new desert landscaping installation.

• Chandler

With the Landscape Rebate Program, receive rebates for irrigation controllers ($72), new landscaping that’s at least 50 percent drought-resistant ($200), and conversion of lawn to drought-tolerant landscape ($200–$600).

• Glendale

The city’s landscape rebates provide as much as $750 for converting grass to low-water-use landscape.


• Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Family of Southern California Water Agencies

SoCal Water$mart offers rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers (from $80 per controller for an acre or less; $25 per irrigation station for larger sites), rotating sprinkler nozzles (from $4 per nozzle), and synthetic turf (from 30 cents per sq. ft.).

• Santa Rosa

Green Exchange Rebate Program has rebates for removing turf (50 cents per sq. ft.) and for improving the efficiency of irrigation. The Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program gives rebates for storing rainwater (25 cents per gallon). The Water Conservation Check-up is a free on-site analysis of indoor and outdoor water use.

• Windsor

With the Water Efficient Landscapes Rebate Program, get up to $350 in rebates for the removal of lawn or for the purchase of sprinkler equipment that improves efficiency.

• San Diego County Water Authority

The 20-Gallon Challenge offers free landscape surveys and has rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers (from $230), synthetic turf (50 cents per sq. ft.), and rotating nozzles (up to $4 each).

• East Bay Municipal Utility District

With WaterSmart Residential Landscape Program, get a credit with proof of purchase of drip irrigation parts and rotator sprinkler heads (50 percent of price), water-conserving landscaping plants and materials (25 percent of price), and permeable hardscape materials (up to $1 per sq. ft.).

• Marin Municipal Water District

Rebates on efficient irrigation equipment and supplies (up to $350), through the Bay-Friendly Landscaping Rebate Program.

• California: state-wide

Search by zip code for incentives and rebates in your area.


• Aurora Water

Get rebates for water-conserving landscape changes (up to $1 per sq. ft.), through the Xeriscape Rebate Program. Aurora Water also offers free irrigation audits.

• Colorado Springs Utilities

Rebates available up to $200 for rain shutoff devices, irrigation heads with check valves, weather-based irrigation controllers, and matched precipitation sprinkler nozzles (which water more evenly and slowly than regular ones).

• Boulder

Drip irrigation supplies, sprinkler controllers, low volume nozzles, and soil amendments have rebates.

• Louisville

The Water Conservation Rebate Program gives rebates on buffalo grass (25 cents per sq. ft.), soil moisture sensors (up to $50), and drip irrigation systems (50 percent off purchase price, up to $50).

• Denver Water

Weather-based irrigation controllers (25 percent off price), rain sensors ($25–$50), and irrigation rotary nozzles ($5 per nozzle) get rebates.

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