Jurassic pine

Own your own prehistoric tree

Imagine stumbling across a mini forest of lofty prehistoric trees that were thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago.

That's exactly how national parks ranger David Noble discovered the Wollemi (pronounced "wole-a-my") pine in Australia in 1994. Experts consider the tree, with its blue-green, fernlike foliage, one of the most significant botanical finds of the century.

Gardeners can purchase their own piece of Jurassic history at independent nurseries or from the National Geographic Online Store ($100 for a 6-in./1-gal. plant about 12-18 in. tall).

Grow it indoors in bright light or plant it outdoors ( Sunset climate zones 4-24, H1, and H2) in the ground or in a container, giving it full sun or partial shade. In the ground, plants grow to about 60 feet tall.

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