Budget patchwork patio

Dig it, stain it, and it's done in a weekend

Patio in progress
Photo: Steven Gunther
Project tips


Make a plan. To figure out how many pavers you'll need, measure the area where you want to locate your patio. Then, using colored pencil, work out your design on graph paper. The tile pattern pictured ("Retro") is illustrated in the gallery, along with two other designs.

Gather materials. You'll need 12-inch-square concrete pavers; a drop cloth; wet-look concrete sealer (about 1 gallon for a 13- by 13-foot patio - choose one that resists mildew and grease); paint rollers and trays; paint buckets and stirring sticks; tinted flat exterior house paint (1 quart for each color); wood 2-by-4s for the frame; washed sand; carpenter's level; and a rubber mallet.

Prep the pavers. Lay the pavers on a drop cloth. Pour concrete sealer into a paint tray and, using a paint roller, apply two coats of sealer to the pavers. Allow to dry, about 10 minutes.

Mix your own stain. In a paint bucket, stir equal parts sealer, water, and water-based tinted flat exterior house paint. Pour mixture into another paint tray, and, using a different paint roller, apply one coat of the colored stain mixture on the pavers' top surface. Let dry, about 10 minutes. Repeat with other colors.

Seal the stain. To give the finish some gloss, apply two or more coats of concrete sealer; allow to dry.

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  • Retro pattern

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    • 56 dark green pavers
    • 37 light green pavers
    • 22 dark gray pavers
    • 54 unstained pavers

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    • 26 light green pavers
    • 26 dark gray pavers
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    • 42 light green pavers
    • 10 dark gray pavers
    • 40 unstained pavers

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