Chardonnay: rich and complex white

With complex fruit flavors and often a rich, creamy texture; the most popular white wine in the U.S. to date

Chardonnay: rich and complex white
Photo: Annabelle Breakey

Swirl and taste: Green apple, pear, melon, creamy lemon, and sometimes pineapple, rounded out with butterscotch and vanilla.

Pair with:
Sweet shellfish
White-fleshed fish ― halibut, black cod (sablefish), sturgeon, mahimahi, tilapia
Chicken and turkey
Winter squash
Risotto and pasta
Cream and butter sauces
Mild Caribbean dishes with tropical fruit flavors

Find your style: California winemakers have traditionally made Chardonnay in a rich, buttery style by fermenting and aging it in oak barrels. Too much oak can cover up the fruit, so some winemakers are starting to substitute stainless-steel tanks for a leaner, crisper style.

Perfect recipe pairings
For oaked styles

• Mendo Crab Cakes
• Golden Squash with Sautéed shrimp
 • Caramelized Fall Fruit Salad with Chicken
 • Lemon-Oregano Chicken
 • Roast Hens with Golden Vegetable Hash

For unoaked styles
• Chicken Fettuccine with Mushroom Brie
• Dungeness Crab and Winter Citrus Salad
• Mango-Shrimp Tostadas
• Tequila-Marinated Chicken Fajitas
• Caesar Salad with Fried Ginger

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